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Nelson Mulligan

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Saturday 12noon-1p at Northshore Yoga (North Chattanooga)

~on rotation with other teachers~

Wednesday 9-10p at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)


Amy Bockman

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Wednesday 9-10a at Warner Park

Sunday 2:30-3:30p at ClearSpring Yoga

Tiffany Kennedy-Hargis

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Wednesday 8-9p at Crossfit Brigade (North Chattanooga)

Saturday 10-11:15a at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

~on rotation with Josh Harris~

I have a passion for yoga, healing and promoting happiness in the present moment. From this passion, I am inspired to provide a safe space where others can move deeper into their mind, body and soul.

Through a guided vinyasa flow the practice will have a rhythm using breath to blend our body, mind and spirit, creating a meditation in motion.

As a teacher I feel it’s important to be sensitive to individual needs and have a presence that is peaceful and compassionate.  I encourage my students to go inside themselves to find what they need by being mindful and honoring the present moment.

Everyday we are different, and so are our bodies. It is my desire to share the benefits of yoga with the whole community, regardless of skill level, age, weight or body type. I hope you’ll join me for a playful practice to help rediscover your inner child.


Catherine Meeks

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Monday 9-10p at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

I started my formal yoga journey in 2001 while in college in Rome, Georgia, and found wonderful teachers in Missoula, Montana and St. Louis before moving to Chattanooga in 2008. Last year, I decided to deepen my practice by beginning the 230-hour Teacher Training through the Asheville Yoga Center, which I’ll finish in June 2011. I look at the practice of yoga as a way to uncover and build connections: between the mind, the breath, and the body; between ourselves and others; between who we are, how we live, and the places we inhabit. As a writer, I appreciate the importance of the “beginner’s mind” that invites true inspiration and growth; I try to approach both the page and the mat with a spirit of curiosity and openness. I also teach writing as a Lecturer in the English Department at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Matt Fields-Johnson

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Wednesday 6:30pm t0 7:30pm at Riverview Grande Apartments (North Chattanooga)

FREE community flow yoga

The beautiful thing about yoga is that you can make it what ever you want it to be. My journey with yoga began in 1998 in high school as a means to stay injury free as a wrestler. Since then yoga has grown to compliment all aspects of my life. I love the athleticism that yoga provides, as well as the lasting health benefits from a disciplined practice. Yoga has become such a spiritual part of my path, it’s hard to picture a happy healthy life without it. I hope to share my passion of yoga by empowering my students to be their own guru, finding their inner vision, and most importantly having fun.

I am a 200 hr Yoga Alliance certified instructor. I am head assistant at North Shore Yoga, where I also teach. Part of my passion is always trying to advance my knowledge and practice on a daily basis, and I am currently pursuing a 500hr certification.

Beth Keene

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Monday 8:30p-9:30p at Zanzibar Studio (Downtown)

Thursday 9-10p at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

Saturday 12-1p at North Shore Yoga (North Chattanooga)

~on rotation with other teachers~

I began my yoga journey in 1999 at the lowest point in my life. I was looking for something life changing. I went to an Ashtanga class and loved it. Soon after I started, my teacher began teaching only Kundalini yoga. I didn’t know the difference so I went, and it did change me. The meditation and chanting was what I really needed. For the next 7 or so years I alternated between Kundalini and Iyengar yoga as a home practice. Then I found power flow yoga and loved the vigorous workout that it provided. I like to change it up all the time, don’t make me do the same thing every day. Over the years I have found that there is no style of yoga that I am not drawn to. I strive to follow the 8 limbed path of yoga in my daily life as well. Outside of the yoga studio I am a pottery instructor and production potter in Chattanooga.

In any one of my classes you may find traces of Kundalini yoga, Prana flow, Jivamukti, and anything else I have been working on or through in my own practice. The flow of the practice is slow and steady, yet quite physically challenging on most days. I hold to the belief that yoga is a tool to prepare the body for meditation and try to incorporate as much meditation into my own practice as possible, as well as encourage my students to do the same. Yes! We will sweat, we will connect with our deeper selves, and we will leave feeling renewed and empowered!

Peace and Blessings, Beth

When she’s not leading community classes, you can find Beth teaching at the Sports Barn yoga studios.

Lauryn Elise Peterson Higgins

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Friday 4-5:15p at ClearSpring Yoga (North Chattanooga)

Saturday 9:30-10:30a at Northside Presbyterian Church (North Chattanooga)

Lauryn Peterson was a non-mover whose depression and body image problems led her to a life of movement obsession!  Having studied theatre, theatre dance, and martial arts as a teen, Lauryn was still painfully disconnected from her body until her world turned upside down with disordered eating.  She found tribal fusion bellydance in July 2003, which helped tremendously.  Lauryn has been a dedicated bellydance student ever since and began teaching in various community and subbing capacities in 2006.  She became a full instructor at Zanzibar Studio in 2008 and has happily shared her loved of the dance in teaching at Dalton State College, Mercer University, Baylor School, Girls Incorporated, Signal Centers, Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults, Yoga East, Madia’s Studio, Northshore Yoga, Montessori School, and Grace Arts Camp.  Lauryn has studied bellydance from the top instructors in the nation and has performed with Bard Bellydance Collective, Tribe Zanzibar, Dandasha Dance Company, and Mirabai Bellydance.  Lauryn is a founding member of Mirabai Bellydance, which hosts an annual benefit concert for non-profits serving local women called “The Fringe Benefit.”  Lauryn has also studied ballet, jazz, hiphop, modern, and aerial dance forms.

Lauryn’s love of dance led her to yoga in 2003, as well, and she completed her 230 hour yoga teacher training certification in June 2009 through Asheville Yoga Center.  Lauryn has since offered yoga classes at Signal Centers, Moon Haven Studio, Northshore Yoga, Madia’s Studio, Clearspring Yoga, Zanzibar Studio, and Yoga East.  Lauryn is passionate about offering yoga to all bodies and has enjoyed offering Chair Yoga to those with limited mobility at Signal Centers, the Hamilton County Health Department, and Yoga East.  Lauryn’s style of teaching is relaxed, fun, and encouraging.  Lauryn encourages students to listen to their own bodies and experiences for wisdom in yoga and offers many modifications in her classes.  Lauryn also runs her own business, the Asala Center, which offers Constructive Living instruction.  Information about Asala is available at http://www.asalacenter.com.

When she’s not teaching community classes, you can also find Lauryn in East Brainerd at Yoga East!

Josh Harris

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Saturday 10-11:15a at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

~on rotation with Tiffany Hargis~

Saturday 12-1p at Northshore Yoga ~on rotation with other staff~ (North Chattanooga)

Sunday 11a-12noon at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Fav Food: Veggie pizza

I am thankful for: family and close friends

Why Yoga: great workout that goes deeper than just the physical

3 word to describe you: hardworker, energetic, easy-going

Fav Pose and why: any inversion because it not only gets me off my feet, but gives me a new perspective and mostly, I just find it fun!

First Yoga class: Thought it was going to be easy, yet let’s just say I’ve never sweat so much in my life.

Hobbies beside yoga: running, hiking, biking, cooking/baking, and reading

Hey I’m Josh Harris. I started practicing yoga in the fall of 2009. I must admit, I grew up with a total misconception of what yoga really is. I saw it as women sitting around stretching singing Koom bai ya, etc. Yet, thankfully a friend got me to come to my first class and my life has changed dramatically since. I was a gym rat and marathon runner before I started practicing yoga and as a result had very tight muscles. After practicing yoga on a regular basis and experiencing the release of built up toxins, stress, grief, etc, through stretching the muscle, I was hooked. Yoga has opened my eyes to just how great the correlation between emotions and energy stored in the muscle is, and through my teaching I hope to convey it to others and help them experience it as well.

Lori Lane Duncan

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Monday 5:30-6:45p at Audubon Acres (East Brainerd)

Saturday 11a-12noon at Real Sports Academy (Ooltewah)

I began my Yogic journey in 2005 after my husband and I made a life changing move from Alpharetta, GA to Lookout Mountain. We built our dream home on “The Brow” and made the commute back and forth to Alpharetta for over a year. During that time I began taking Yoga classes on Saturday’s with Margaret Green on the Mountain and after my first class I “got it”. I then bought a “Boot Camp” DVD and started a home practice as well because one day a week in class was not enough for me.

In 2006 I decided to leave the company I had been with for eight years and look for a job in Chattanooga, and found one. At the same time my husband was given the opportunity to work from home three days a week. Karma, Divine intervention, Luck… call it what you will but my hunger for Yoga could now be fed.

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to practice under so many wonderful teachers here in Chattanooga. The variety of styles and highly skilled teachers here rival any city nationwide.  I have also had the pleasure to practice under Experienced and Master Teachers such as, Gina Minyard/Anusara, Troy Abraham, Dolly Stavros, Simon Park, Bryan Kest, Ashley Turner, Shala Worsley and Stephanie Keach.

June 27, 2010, I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Stephanie Keach, Ashville Yoga Center and I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor, RYT. I continue to study and work toward my 500 hour Standard with Yoga Alliance.

As part of Zuddhi Yoga and Chattanooga Community Yoga at http://www.meetup.com, my Slow Flow classes are alignment based but lots of fun. We begin and end each class with Meditation or Pranayama or both. You will sweat and laugh a lot in the classes I teach but you will leave not only feeling energized but calm, centered and balanced.

Maggie White

Zuddhi Yoga Co-Organizer, Instructor  (view my YPK) (view my personal site)

Sunday 6:30-7:30p at ClearSpring Yoga

Tuesday 7-8p at ClearSpring Yoga

Maggie White began practicing yoga in 2002 with Sue Reynolds and Eric Wolf here in Chattanooga!

The sweet discipline of yoga has inspired her on and off the mat to pursue a healthful, balanced life. Maggie believes in and supports one yoga kula, or community, and is grateful for all of the teachers across the ages. Her first teacher training was with Rossella Rossi at Namaste Healing Center in Asheville NC in 2004. Following her heart to Arizona brought Anusara yoga into her life and the guidance of Laura Christensen, Desiree Rumbaugh, Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell. Classes pay special attention to alignment principles that optimize our ability to feel comfortable in our bodies and celebrate the beauty of our diversity. Through the practice of yoga, as individuals we can come closer to knowing the truth of our own hearts. Together, we can support and uplift the good we see around us. This takes practice!!

Feel free to contact her at Maggie@exhalelove.com