by Zuddhi Yoga

with Jessica Ewart

One on One Consultation

What to expect:

Initial Visit

Ayurveda deeply respects and considers the individual constitution of each client. Your first visit will usually take 60-90 minutes but may take up to 2 hours. We will begin with a dosha questionnaire to determine your Prakriti as well as a Q&A that evaluates the Ama (imbalance or disease) in your body. Ayurvedists also perform a pulse reading and an examination of the face, eyes and tongue. The knowledge we acquire through these exams and questionnaires will dictate how we proceed in terms of prescribing dietary recommendations, herbal therapies, meditative & pranayama (breath work) techniques, physical exercise (such as specific yoga postures) and also aromatherapy, etc.

After the standard exams, we will discuss any immediate health concerns or complaints. Typically, we will prioritize your symptoms according to severity and suggest therapies to relieve the most acute problems. Frequently, clients find that addressing the most serious issues will also resolve the minor aggravations in due time.

In Ayurveda, we recognize an inseparable link between the body and mind. Often, emotional releases may occur as we discuss and examine physical ailments. During our visits, clients are encouraged to discuss and explore the connections between illness in the body and distress in the mind. You will not be rushed or treated in a dismissive manner during our consultations. The office environment is peaceful, stable and non-judgmental.

You will leave this appointment with a detailed nutrition plan as well as suggestions for simple lifestyle routines that will enhance your overall health. In circumstances where imbalance is causing disease symptoms, you may also be given herbal formulations to take as prescribed.

Follow Up Visit

Depending upon your particular situation, subsequent visits may be preferred to chart progress. In Ayurveda, we seek to resolve the most severe discomforts at first and address more minor issues after the major ones have subsided. That being said, your initial visit may produce results that eliminate your serious ailments and follow up visits can allow us to work toward complete balance by addressing the lesser discomforts in your body and mind.

In cases of serious imbalance, an ama-reducing diet is often recommended for up to 40 days before the client begins panchakarma (removal of ama through 5 different methods). The initial consultation may result in prescription of this special diet (tailored to the individual) and followed up with specific panchakarma treatments depending upon the type and severity of symptoms.


Jessica is trained in Ayurvedic Psychology and Yoga Therapy. Using meditative techniques and pranayama (breath work), we can work together to explore the sources of stress and emotional anxiety in your life. Mental stress is a proven contributor to many physical ailments including auto-immune disorders and cancer. By healing the psychic wounds, we can often achieve better physical health and well being.

Counseling sessions are offered in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Ayurveda does not advocate a lifetime of dependence on outside resources. Rather, we work with the individual towards self-empowerment. Our therapeutic sessions will offer you the tools to begin living an awakened and liberated life, without the weight of past injuries holding you back.