Yogassage and more…

by Zuddhi Yoga

with Madia Swicord

Yogassage is a form of bodywork that incorporates assisted yoga asanas (poses) and therapeutic massage techniques. I combine stretching and tissue manipulation. Degrees of client participation varies from passive to full involvement. Techniques used in yogassage is similar to Thai Massage yet quite different.

Yogassage sessions can be tailored to the individual, soothing aching backs or joints, releasing tensions in busy muscles, or invigorating the circulation of the body and awareness of the mind. It can target certain muscle groups, and encourages the deepening of postures and the release of unhealthy body holding patterns. It can incorporate joint mobilization, breath work, and hand skills, or simply a passive system of stretching. It has been used by athletes and non-athletes alike to aid in physical and mental well-being.

My signature yin and yang yogassage


A customized session that will create a deeply relaxing & restorative experience through a unique combination of yoga and massage

$95 | 90 minutes



An invigorating combination of yoga, massage and acupressure points that will leave you feeling detoxed & rejuvenated

$95 | 90 minutes

Honor your journey

My Style

Intuitive, integrative bodywork blends various massage techniques, including deep tissue, neuro-muscular therapy, swedish, myofascial release, yoga,  reiki, and others, providing all the benefits there-in. This type of massage relieves general to specific aches and pains, and promotes wellness, rejuvenation, and allows for possible emotional releases. The treatment is customized for your body on any given day. Communicate your “mental/physical state in that moment and your preferences with me. Allow me to utilize my extensive experience and intuitive abilities to offer you a unique bodywork experience.

Health Benefits of Bodywork/Massage

Increased circulation

Lowered blood pressure

Improved immune function

Reversal of the effects of stress

Reduced pain

Improved mobility; increased range of motion (ROM)

Less muscle hypertonicity, tension, and spasm

Reduced scar tissue and fascial adhesions

Improved posture

Emotional Release

Please attempt to schedule your appointment on my website . If you are unable to find the date/time you need OR you are in pain and need to get in more quickly, please email me at


Intuitive-Integrative Massage Therapy

Includes consultation, massage and yoga in whatever combination is needed to give you an overall state of well-being

$95 / 90 minutes

Deep tissue

my specialty… a more intensive style of therapy tailored to release deep-seated tension and for pain-relief. focused work is performed with deeper pressure. great for athletes & yoga students

$70 | 1 hour

$85| 1 hour 15 minutes

Intuitive-Integrative “tune-up” Massage

In case you just need a “tune-up”

$55 | 45 minutes


a relaxing, theraputic massage to take pressure off the lower back & offer comfort to the expectant mother.

$70 | 1 hour


a powerful yet subtle form of hands-on healing. this technique induces deep relaxation while helping to balance energy systems.

$40 | 30 minutes


essential oils are used during the massage to facilitate a deeper level of therapeutic experience.

(added to any massage)


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In Practice since 1995…

Focusing on individualized attention for every client in each service. My Bodywork utilizes deep tissue massage, private yoga, and yogassage that creates a deep sense of well-being.

Providing therapeutic bodywork and yoga services that instill resilience, ease, and well being.  Whether you seek to release chronic tension, heal from an injury or illness, increase your sense of well being, or strengthen your resistance to stress and disease, you have come to the right place.

Offering massage and private yoga in a relaxed and intimate setting at 545 Oak Street in Downtown Chattanooga and I am offering  group classes in larger, extroverted settings like Northshore Yoga and SportsBarn in Downtown Chattanooga. Each aspect of my services are designed to treat both the mind and the body for a complete wellness experience.

I hope that you experience a sense of peace and calm energy when you leave.

Come experience this for yourself.

Who Am I

I am a teacher and therapist with a wide range of expertise and experience. I am a licensed and skilled practitioner that has many years of combined experience and training to provide personalized care for optimal health, improved functioning, and rejuvenation. I continually enhance my skills through ongoing advanced training and practice a wide range of techniques and modalities in order to effectively and positively impact a client/students health.

I am utilizing my  B.S. degree in Psychology and Exercise Physiology with over 15 years of experience to offer you the best mind/body therapies possible.   I began studying Mind/Body philosophy at age 16 by reading the book “Biology of Hope” by Norman Cousins, MD.   He coined the term “psycho-neuro-immunology:

I received my first teaching Certification in Hatha Yoga from Lex Gillan and later received a Certification in Vinyasa Flow Yoga and YA-200 from Stephanie Keach.  I have taken workshops with Ranjani Cobo, Bryant Kest, Shiva Rea, Doug  Kellor and many others.   My strongest influence  has been Ashtanga Yoga and have always found the importance of mindful breath and alignment within the flow…. a blissful aspect of the yoga experience.

I have also been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1995 and am AMTA certified.

I Created and Managed “madia’s studio” from 2000-2010 and after having a child, decided that  managing employees was no longer of interest to me and was not where I wanted to expend my energy.   It is such a pleasure  to be in private practice again to bring all my experience and attention into a laser beam focus on my clients and students.

My Inspirations

Bamboo is one my inspirations for optimal health because of its integration of complimentary qualities. As an ancient saying goes: Be like bamboo. It is strong on the outside and soft and open on the inside. The stem stands freely in the wind and bends, it does not resist. What bends is harder to break.

We are at our healthiest when we integrate complimentary qualities: strength and resilience, with yielding and ease. Massage and yoga can help to foster this dynamic, healthy balance.