Thai Yoga Bodywork

by Zuddhi Yoga

with Jeff Atkins

Integrative Bodywork with Jeff Atkins, weaves together soft tissue therapies found in Eastern traditional medicine and Western medicine.

definition:  a synergistic blend of manual (hands-on) therapies drawing elements from movement based bodywork, Thai Yoga Massage, Neuromuscular Trigger Point Release, Alexander Technique, Myofascia Meridian Release,  and deep breathing techniques for releasing connective tissue constrictions.

methods:  deep measured breathing;  moving and sustained compressions;  yoga-like positions and asanas; passive stretching;  deep tissue release; identifying tender areas and corresponding referred pain sites.

benefits:  reclaims pliability to stiffened and constricted soft tissues;  releases habitual postures; improves performance for athletes, musicians, artists, & speakers;  enhances yoga practice; reconnects body and mind.

The sessions are customized to assist individual needs and concerns.  Breathing & movement techniques bring about physical and mental release.

Sessions are conducted on a padded mat on the floor or adapted for a massage table.

Private studio and home sessions available.

Prior to Session:

* eat lightly (preferably 2 hours prior to session)

* wear yoga gear or comfortable loose fitting clothing

* socks may be needed, as your body temp naturally lowers during bodywork

* remove all jewelry

* inform of medical / health condition, particularly of muscular & skeletal history and current condition, during your Postural Analysis.

during the session:

* breathe deeply & rhythmically; receive occasional prompts to take a “deep breath”

* communicate if pressure is too much or too little – express any discomfort

* focus on body sensations to bring your mind to the present moment

* allow periods of silence, clearing mind, and allowing your body to adjust

* there will be a period of silence at the end of the session


Thai Yoga Bodywork (TYB)

The foundational elements of each session are based on the Lotus Palm™ method, by Kam Thye Chow.  The benefits of this method relates to the adaptation of traditional Thai massage to the Western body.

Traditional TYB may include aspects of ancient Indian healing systems of Ayurveda.  One component operates on the theory of sen Lines.  The theory of sen is often referred to as energy lines. Rhythmic hand pressure is applied, using palms and thumbs, to specific points along the sen lines.  Assisted yoga with active and passive stretches.

Trigger Point (TrP) Therapy for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial Pain Syndrome (or MPS) is a term used to describe one of the conditions characterized by chronic, and in some cases, severe, pain. It is associated with and caused by trigger points (TrPs), which are localized and sometimes extremely painful contractures (‘knots’) found in any skeletal muscle of the body. The symptoms can range from referred pain through myofascial trigger points to specific pains in other areas of the body.

Relief for TrPs and associated referred pain sites is achieved with compression and friction the of the affected areas (Progressive Compression Technique).  Neuromuscular Therapy techniques may be used as well.


Breathing is not an intellectual activity.  Through life’s circumstances, habits, illnesses, and physical activities, our automatic breath becomes restricted and distorted. Deep breathing techniques and guided breathwork bring immediate progressive results, relieving connective and soft tissue tightness and pain patterns.

Essential Attunement

Deep relaxation and energy balancing techniques, reawakening the body-mind’s innate ability to balance stressful and compromised states. (Can be a complete 1 hour treatment excluding Thai stretching.)

Incorporating energy awareness practices such as Reiki, Thai Sen Palpation, Trager,  Comfort Massage™ and sensory-motor techniques.  Essential oils may be used to expand benefits and encourage relaxation.

For more information, please visit Jeff’s website.

Jeff has 20 years experience in movement re-education and bodywork.  Since 1998 he has worked as a professional bodywork practitioner.

Jeff holds a BA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Upon graduation, he began studying movement and body language within a class environment and one on one private instruction.

He completed 1000 hours massage and bodywork training at Tennessee Institute of Healing Arts.  Upon graduation he was hired to teach and develop curriculum for the bodywork program.

Jeff has expanded his skills and knowledge through continuing education and private instruction in areas such as: Body as Resource, body/mind holism; Myofascial Release; Myofascial Rebounding; Alexander Technique; Trager; Breema;  Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork; Self-Care Through Movement; Deep Tissue Massage; Sports Massage; Swedish and Russian Massage; and Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy (500 hrs). Jeff is licensed with the State of Tennessee, LMT #1286.

He has a whole body treatment approach with attention to specific issues as they may relate to the whole body.  Jeff sees his practice as sessions of re-education and re-patterning of connective tissue restrictions.  Attention is given to the individual and specific needs of his clients.


    * $110 : 1 h 35 min ~ Preferred Session   ** Optimal Treatment Benefits **

* $85   : 1 h 10 min  (whole body may not be addressed if specific problem area is targeted)

* $120 : 1 h 35 min ~ On-site / Home Session (includes time & travel)

Packages Available

Adjusted Fee for multiple sessions / month

2 hours available upon request

locations ~ chattanooga, tn.

Private Office:

17 N. Market Street

P.O. Box 4113,  37405

On-site / Home

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