Life and Wellness Coaching

by Zuddhi Yoga

with Becky Dempsey

One of the best strategies for affecting lasting change is having a life coach. I say this from personal experience and success with my own life coach.  Without a doubt, it is one of the best things I have done for myself and I am so excited to bring my Yoga and wellness experience to my own coaching practice.

Coaches are there to see the things that are holding you back and that you might not bet able to see yourself.  Every great athlete has a coach.  Not because they are better than the athlete, but because they see things from a different prospective and can assist them in making critical changes that were out of their vision.  A coach sees the sabotaging behaviors that you may not be aware of and helps you redirect them.  Most of us want to make changes, to grow and evolve but we can’t seem to make it happen.

If you are ready to make a commitment to change I will assist you in creating a plan that is in line with your vision and dreams.  Failure doesn’t happen overnight.  Many little actions lead us to a path of sadness and regret.  In the same light, little actions can have huge results!

Call to schedule your Complimentary coaching session now and take that little action to Choose Your Life Now!

I am both coached and trained through Anthony Robbins Companies, the world leader in the coaching industry.

Complimentary Session

This complimentary session will help you understand my coaching process while I learn more about you, your goals and expectations.

Format in person or by phone

Length 30 minutes

Sessions 1

One Month Immersion

To create lasting change around a specific challenge you’re facing. Unlimited email support is also available during this month.

Format in person or by phone

Length 60 minutes

Sessions 3

Life & Wellness Coaching

We’ll work together to discover your personal vision of success, develop a specific coaching plan around this vision, and introduce you to classic coaching tools to help you defeat old patterns and achieve your dreams.

Format in person

Length 60 minutes

Sessions 9 over three months

Life & Wellness Coaching with Yoga

Enhance your life & wellness coaching with a 30 minute private Yoga session. Especially helpful if you are dealing with wellness concerns or stressful situations…or if you simply want to end your coaching session in a relaxing way.

Format in person

Length 90 minutes

Sessions 9 over three months

Private Yoga

Private Yoga classes are an ideal solution for you if you have a physical limitation, injury, chronic stress — or if you simply want to deepen your practice. Whether gentle flow or power Yoga , this package is tailored to your individual needs and interests.

Format in person

Length 60 minutes

Sessions individual & packages

To schedule your complimentary session and for pricing information, please contact me at 423-364-4091.

Becky Dempsey

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If you came to this page because you’re at the threshold of something new and unsure about your next step, I couldn’t be more excited for you! Many people draw back from the edge and miss the opportunity to grow. It is when we push beyond the edge of our comfort zone that life begins!

Life and Wellness coaching is a proven approach to affecting positive change. My personal style of coaching is guided by the the leading figures in the field and draws on a substantial background in Yoga, healthy living and a life-long journey of personal growth and development. If you’re ready to join me on this journey, we’ll work together to build a plan around goals that lead to a life of Your choosing.

About me:

I lost both parents early to diseases that could have been prevented by diet, movement and an awareness of the effects of stress on the body. Their deaths — along with my mother’s long drawn out illness — both broke my heart and frightened me. As I tried to understand what happened to my mother and break a generational pattern of catastrophic health in my family, I ran across a book that profoundly changed my life — Dr Andrew Weil’s Spontaneous Healing. Sitting in my backyard on a beautiful spring day, reminiscing about my parents and watching my year old son play, I began to read…and the fear of winding up like them started to fade.

That spring day was the beginning of my life-long journey into wellness. It wasn’t long after that I turned my personal Yoga practice into a career and had the privilege of founding Chattanooga’s first studio with a good friend and colleague. During the following few years, I studied with many of the nation’s best Yoga teachers — including Rodney Yee, Erich Schiffman, Brian Kest and Doug Keller — as my personal and professional practices flourished.

It was a taped seminar of Anthony Robbins, the father of the coaching industry, that changed my life again. It took a few years for his message to settle in and for me to fully appreciate how well it works in the context of Yoga and healthy living.

Both Yoga and coaching have profoundly changed my life, teaching me how to fully and passionately live it. I am forever grateful to the teachers who have guided me along the way and for those who are currently in my life. As I continue my education as both a Yoga teacher and life and wellness coach, I will bring to you the most current and relevant work in both fields.

I have studied and practiced Yoga since the early 1990’s and co-founded Chattanooga’s first Yoga studio, ClearSpring Yoga, in 1998. Currently I direct the Yoga program for the Sports Barn Clubs and teach small and private group classes through out Chattanooga. I coach from the comfort of my favorite space — my home office — working with woman to assist them in living passionate and joyful lives. I continue my Yoga education and work with my own coach.