Tiffany Kennedy-Hargis

by Zuddhi Yoga

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Wednesday 8-9p at Crossfit Brigade (North Chattanooga)

Saturday 10-11:15a at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

~on rotation with Josh Harris~

I have a passion for yoga, healing and promoting happiness in the present moment. From this passion, I am inspired to provide a safe space where others can move deeper into their mind, body and soul.

Through a guided vinyasa flow the practice will have a rhythm using breath to blend our body, mind and spirit, creating a meditation in motion.

As a teacher I feel it’s important to be sensitive to individual needs and have a presence that is peaceful and compassionate.  I encourage my students to go inside themselves to find what they need by being mindful and honoring the present moment.

Everyday we are different, and so are our bodies. It is my desire to share the benefits of yoga with the whole community, regardless of skill level, age, weight or body type. I hope you’ll join me for a playful practice to help rediscover your inner child.