Lauryn Elise Peterson Higgins

by Zuddhi Yoga

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Friday 4-5:15p at ClearSpring Yoga (North Chattanooga)

Saturday 9:30-10:30a at Northside Presbyterian Church (North Chattanooga)

Lauryn Peterson was a non-mover whose depression and body image problems led her to a life of movement obsession!  Having studied theatre, theatre dance, and martial arts as a teen, Lauryn was still painfully disconnected from her body until her world turned upside down with disordered eating.  She found tribal fusion bellydance in July 2003, which helped tremendously.  Lauryn has been a dedicated bellydance student ever since and began teaching in various community and subbing capacities in 2006.  She became a full instructor at Zanzibar Studio in 2008 and has happily shared her loved of the dance in teaching at Dalton State College, Mercer University, Baylor School, Girls Incorporated, Signal Centers, Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults, Yoga East, Madia’s Studio, Northshore Yoga, Montessori School, and Grace Arts Camp.  Lauryn has studied bellydance from the top instructors in the nation and has performed with Bard Bellydance Collective, Tribe Zanzibar, Dandasha Dance Company, and Mirabai Bellydance.  Lauryn is a founding member of Mirabai Bellydance, which hosts an annual benefit concert for non-profits serving local women called “The Fringe Benefit.”  Lauryn has also studied ballet, jazz, hiphop, modern, and aerial dance forms.

Lauryn’s love of dance led her to yoga in 2003, as well, and she completed her 230 hour yoga teacher training certification in June 2009 through Asheville Yoga Center.  Lauryn has since offered yoga classes at Signal Centers, Moon Haven Studio, Northshore Yoga, Madia’s Studio, Clearspring Yoga, Zanzibar Studio, and Yoga East.  Lauryn is passionate about offering yoga to all bodies and has enjoyed offering Chair Yoga to those with limited mobility at Signal Centers, the Hamilton County Health Department, and Yoga East.  Lauryn’s style of teaching is relaxed, fun, and encouraging.  Lauryn encourages students to listen to their own bodies and experiences for wisdom in yoga and offers many modifications in her classes.  Lauryn also runs her own business, the Asala Center, which offers Constructive Living instruction.  Information about Asala is available at

When she’s not teaching community classes, you can also find Lauryn in East Brainerd at Yoga East!