Josh Harris

by Zuddhi Yoga

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Saturday 10-11:15a at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

~on rotation with Tiffany Hargis~

Saturday 12-1p at Northshore Yoga ~on rotation with other staff~ (North Chattanooga)

Sunday 11a-12noon at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Fav Food: Veggie pizza

I am thankful for: family and close friends

Why Yoga: great workout that goes deeper than just the physical

3 word to describe you: hardworker, energetic, easy-going

Fav Pose and why: any inversion because it not only gets me off my feet, but gives me a new perspective and mostly, I just find it fun!

First Yoga class: Thought it was going to be easy, yet let’s just say I’ve never sweat so much in my life.

Hobbies beside yoga: running, hiking, biking, cooking/baking, and reading

Hey I’m Josh Harris. I started practicing yoga in the fall of 2009. I must admit, I grew up with a total misconception of what yoga really is. I saw it as women sitting around stretching singing Koom bai ya, etc. Yet, thankfully a friend got me to come to my first class and my life has changed dramatically since. I was a gym rat and marathon runner before I started practicing yoga and as a result had very tight muscles. After practicing yoga on a regular basis and experiencing the release of built up toxins, stress, grief, etc, through stretching the muscle, I was hooked. Yoga has opened my eyes to just how great the correlation between emotions and energy stored in the muscle is, and through my teaching I hope to convey it to others and help them experience it as well.