Jessica Ewart

by Zuddhi Yoga

Jessica Ewart

Zuddhi Yoga Founder, Instructor (Yoga Press Kit(personal website here)

Saturday 12-1p at Northshore Yoga

~on rotation with other staff~

I first began studying yoga in 1999 in my own home.  I had moved to a new town and recently enrolled in the local university after a long break from school.  My life seemed to be defined by my stress level and I wanted to do something to change the tone.  I sought out the local book store and found a copy of Yoga For Stress Relief by Swami Shivapremananda.  The breathing techniques alone shifted my entire perspective.  The physical postures came with time but the philosophy and meditation exercises gave me immediate benefits.  I continued my yoga journey informally and at home for many years.

I attended my first studio class in 2005 at Clearspring Yoga in Chattanooga.  It was a Mommy and Baby class taught by one of my dear and kind friends, Lori Bilbrey.  I continued studying at Clearspring with Janka Livoncova for the next few years.  I also spent a great deal of time practicing at North Shore Yoga with Sara Mingus and the other talented teachers on staff.

In addition to my regular practices with local teachers, I have also studied with Bryan Kest, Ashley Turner and Dolly Stavros.  My 200 hour yoga teacher training was conducted with Dolly Stavros of Asmi Yoga through 3 different teaching modules and I am registered with the Yoga Alliance.

My personal practice is very physical and I certainly love to sweat but my teaching is defined by my love of philosophy.  The classes I offer are centered around a philosophical or spiritual theme that is tied to the active physical postures and movements.  As an avid reader and consumer of art, theater and music, I find that teaching yoga is the perfect outlet to explore my connection to other humans through creative and individual expression.  You will leave my classes feeling the physical effects in your body but hopefully you will have gained some personal insight into the larger and more universal issues that tie all of us to one another.

In my private life I am  a mother to my greatest teacher, my 6 year old daughter.  We have two dogs, one cat, three fish and one frog.  I reside in a wooded cabin with these lovely beings and my husband.  Caring for plants is a preferable way to pass the hours at our home whether it be working on the landscape or tending our bonsai gardens.  These days, my life is defined my peace and unapologetic happiness.  My goal is to help in bringing the power and freedom of self-awareness and unconditional love to all who seek it.

Currently, I am completing my 500 AWC certification through Kerala Ayurveda Academy.  Upon completion of this training, I will be an Ayurvedic Practitioner recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.  I plan to open a practice in Chattanooga in 2011.

In addition to my community yoga work, I teach yoga several days a week at 2 locations for the Sports Barn, Chattanooga’s Premier Fitness and Wellness Center.

I am also leading a class at Body Line Studio on Thursdays at 5:30p-6:30p.  Call them at 423.305.1064 for rates and details.