Beth Keene

by Zuddhi Yoga

Zuddhi Yoga Instructor

Monday 8:30p-9:30p at Zanzibar Studio (Downtown)

Thursday 9-10p at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (St Elmo/Lookout Mountain)

Saturday 12-1p at North Shore Yoga (North Chattanooga)

~on rotation with other teachers~

I began my yoga journey in 1999 at the lowest point in my life. I was looking for something life changing. I went to an Ashtanga class and loved it. Soon after I started, my teacher began teaching only Kundalini yoga. I didn’t know the difference so I went, and it did change me. The meditation and chanting was what I really needed. For the next 7 or so years I alternated between Kundalini and Iyengar yoga as a home practice. Then I found power flow yoga and loved the vigorous workout that it provided. I like to change it up all the time, don’t make me do the same thing every day. Over the years I have found that there is no style of yoga that I am not drawn to. I strive to follow the 8 limbed path of yoga in my daily life as well. Outside of the yoga studio I am a pottery instructor and production potter in Chattanooga.

In any one of my classes you may find traces of Kundalini yoga, Prana flow, Jivamukti, and anything else I have been working on or through in my own practice. The flow of the practice is slow and steady, yet quite physically challenging on most days. I hold to the belief that yoga is a tool to prepare the body for meditation and try to incorporate as much meditation into my own practice as possible, as well as encourage my students to do the same. Yes! We will sweat, we will connect with our deeper selves, and we will leave feeling renewed and empowered!

Peace and Blessings, Beth

When she’s not leading community classes, you can find Beth teaching at the Sports Barn yoga studios.