About Us

Community Yoga – making yoga accessible, affordable and adventurous!

Yoga is for every body.  Our goal is to bring yoga to anyone who seeks it regardless of age, gender, race, appearance, religion, experience or ability to pay.  We offer several classes at various locations throughout the Chattanooga area that are priced at $5 per person and/or are donation based.  Zuddhi Yoga will never turn a student away from one of our community classes and we are always willing to work out a trade, barter or some other arrangement to make certain that our classes are available to everybody that wants to practice.

There are numerous community classes available at many wonderful spaces around Chattanooga and the surrounding area.  A collective of certified yoga teachers offer a variety of styles and levels to suit any yogi.  Classes are organized on this site by area so please check out Locations and click on the neighborhood nearest you to explore all the possibilities for an affordable and accessible practice.

Yoga studios are great places to practice because they have so much to offer practitioners but they often also have a lot of overhead due to high rent, expensive flooring, heaters, humidifiers, mirrors, insurance, props, etc.  There is a premium to be paid for classes at these kinds of studios.  And…if you can afford it, traditional studios are fantastic places to find your own yoga groove! However, a lot of people simply don’t have the means to buy a membership to a facility like that.

So…this is our mission.  We are getting creative along with some generous people around town who are willing to lend us their very nice spaces to offer a studio quality yoga class at a bargain basement price.  Some locations are actual yoga studios who have decided to dedicate their space on a regular basis to the mission of making yoga available to all!

In addition to providing traditional classes at discounted pricing, we have also expanded our purpose to include newer and even cutting edge styles of yoga.  Yoga on a stand up paddleboard, yoga on a slackline, acro-yoga and even aerial yoga are all projects that we have brought or are in the process of bringing to the Chattanooga area.  We seek to explore what yoga means to the individual and we hope that you will discover a form or style of class that communicates to you personally and on a deeper level.  Please, explore the site and try something new!

Check out our Calendar to see where and when we are teaching.  If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us to work out an alternative to paying for a class; feel free to email, call or text us via the info on the Contact page.  Also, please read about Karma Yoga and don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions for ways that our community yoga movement can connect with causes close to your heart!  Here is the bottom line: Yoga has deeply and profoundly improved and touched our own lives.  We became teachers because we sincerely want to share it with everyone.